Gingrich jokes about Perry debate flub

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

When Rick Perry froze in the middle of answering a question at Wednesday's Republican presidential debate in Michigan, his GOP rivals appeared as stunned and embarrassed as he did.

Afterwards, Michele Bachmann expressed her sympathy to Perry over his "oops" flub.

'It was a tough moment," she told CNBC in a post-debate interview. "I think all of us recognize that is something (none of us) would want to go through… We all felt very bad for him."

Well, maybe not everyone. As Slate's Dave Weigel reports, Newt Gingrich poked fun at Perry's flub during a Detroit town hall Thursday morning:

One attendee at Gingrich's town hall asked a three-part question, then lost her way. "I've forgotten the third part," she said. She wasn't joking, but the room recognized the resonance immediately, and broke into laughter.

Later, Gingrich got a question that prompted him to talk about government reform at the cabinet level.

"I have several departments in mind," he said. "I've forgotten some of them." Big laughs. "I think the place to start is the Department of Energy." More laughs.

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