Hey girl, there’s a new Ryan in the meme game

With his announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney may be hoping to secure the votes of middle and working class voters. But he's already managed to delight a crucial segment of the Internet electorate: the meme-class.

Paul Ryan's name, you see, is conveniently shared by several hunk-tastic Hollywood stars. "OK, so we know it's Ryan, but is it Gosling or Reynolds? #RomneyVP #Ryan," riffed Twitter user @thediscust. And Ryan Gosling is the center of the Hey, Girl meme, which pairs images of the actor with fake quotes declaring everything from his love for you and his feminist principles to his tech-savvy ways. In an interview, MTV News even asked him to read some of the quotes attributed to him.

Enter Paul Ryan Gosling, which pairs images of Ryan (the politician) with made-up quotes. There's also a Twitter feed, @paulryangosling, which delivers the quotes, but is sadly image free. So far the Tumblr has two three entries. Stay tuned.