Huntsman staffer says she is ‘sick and sad’ for the Republican Party after watching presidential debates

The behavior by some members of the audience at the most recent Republican presidential debates has at least one campaign staffer concerned about the future of the GOP.

Sarah Reidy, the national director of scheduling for Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign, had some stern words for her own party after the audience at a debate in California applauded the number of executions during Texas Gov. Rick Perry's tenure, and then some in the crowd at a debate in Florida cheered when the moderator asked if a sick person without insurance should be left to die.

In a post on her Facebook page, Reidy, who joined Huntsman's campaign in August but was not speaking on its behalf in this instance, said the behavior made her "sick and sad" for the Republican party.

"For years I have tried to prove that the GOP isn't the Party of elitist, stereotypical people that lack compassion," Reidy wrote on her Facebook account Tuesday. "When did creativity and growth become secondary to hate? Hearing the debate crowds go crazy over things like executions and the uninsured dying makes me sick and sad for my Party that I devote my time and efforts."

In an interview with The Ticket, Reidy said that she has heard similar complaints within Republican circles.

"It's a general frustration I hear among friends across the party," she said.

Reidy wasn't the only one disturbed by the outburst from the audience on Monday. Perry, who participated in the Florida debate, told NBC News that he was "taken aback" by the shouting as well.

"We're the party of life," Perry said. "We ought to be coming up with ways to save lives."