Jenny Sanford says she’s not running for Congress

Former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford announced on Monday that she will not run for Congress, disappointing political junkies who were hoping for a dramatic primary faceoff between Sanford and her ex-husband.

"I have no interest in running for Congress," Sanford told reporters, according to the AP. "My job as mom right now is much more important, much more rewarding and much more productive." Sanford added that she wouldn't want to serve "in a dysfunctional body under John Boehner."

Sanford's ex-husband, former Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, disappeared for days in 2009 before admitting to an affair with an Argentine woman and resigning. Mark Sanford is now reportedly hoping for a political comeback. He is expected to announce he will run for the 1st District seat, which he held for years before becoming governor.

Jenny Sanford was on South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's short list to replace Rep. Tim Scott, who is joining the Senate to take over Jim DeMint's seat.