Jesse Jackson Jr. takes leave of absence for ‘exhaustion’

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been on "a medical leave of absence" from Congress since June 10, his office announced Monday.

A statement revealed that he "is being treated for exhaustion" and offered no additional details—the first public confirmation of Jackson's absence. "He asks that you respect his family's privacy," the statement read.

Jackson, whose father is civil rights figure Jesse Jackson, emerged victorious from a March primary this year while remaining a target of a House ethics investigation related to the role he allegedly played in the process to fill President Barack Obama's former Senate seat. Jackson has maintained his innocence, rejecting any suggestions of pay-to-play politics. The House Ethics Committee reopened that case last October.

Just prior to the committee's decision to reopen his ethics case, Jackson's wife, Sandi Jackson, publicly revealed their marital issues and the congressman's admitted extramarital affair.

No information has been offered in terms of a timeline for Jackson's planned return. His office has sent out press releases bearing Jackson's comments during his leave of absence, and his offices remain open.