John Boehner has ‘no clue’ what he said that set off Michelle Obama

·Political Reporter

It was the eye-roll heard 'round the world, but House Speaker John Boehner says he can't remember what he said to first lady Michelle Obama during an inaugural lunch on Monday that made her look so visibly annoyed.

Boehner was sitting next to the Obamas at lunch after the presidential inaugural ceremonies when he turned to them and said something that made the first lady scowl and roll her eyes. The exchange was caught on tape, but the cameras did not pick up the audio.

During a closed-door meeting of House Republicans on Capitol Hill Tuesday night, Boehner addressed the caught-on-tape interaction with Michelle Obama, saying he has "no clue" what he said.

"He said, 'I have no clue what that was about,'" Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming told reporters after the meeting. "He said they were just having a casual conversation. He said he doesn't know why she rolled her eyes. It was nothing they were communicating on that would be a reason to do that, so he's not sure. Maybe she heard something else. He was speculating that maybe there was another conversation she was hearing."

At least for now, this moment of presidential history will remain a mystery.

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