Know your political meme: Paul Ryan’s biceps

Thursday morning, Time magazine posted a slideshow of outtakes from a 2011 photo shoot with Paul Ryan. The photos showcase the Republican vice presidential nominee's devotion to the P90X workout routine and was inspired by Facebook pictures Ryan posted of himself doing the workout with its creator, Tony Horton. The photo spread also appears in the new issue of Time magazine's print edition.

The photos have a charming, retro appeal. Ryan wears a gray T-shirt and has a red baseball cap on backward. Naturally, the Internet is charmed. A parody Twitter account has already appeared, @PaulRyansBicep: "Schedule for tonight: 8pm Workout. 9pm Debate. 11pm Workout."

Ryan takes exercise seriously--he has made a point of getting in a daily workout while on the trail and has bragged, inaccurately, about his record as a marathoner.

It's not Ryan's first go-round on the meme circuit since joining the Romney ticket. In August, a Tumblr account was created of photos of the politician superimposed with made-up quotes beginning, "Hey Girl." The "Hey Girl" joke originated with another famous Ryan—Ryan Gosling.

Not to be outdone, Yahoo News humbly offers this contribution (below) to the genre.

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