Mitt Romney gets ‘glitter bombed’–twice–in Minnesota

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

EAGAN, Minn.—Mitt Romney was struck twice by the dreaded "glitter bomb" Wednesday when he appeared at his first campaign rally after his victory in the Florida primary.

The first time occurred as Romney was taking the stage. As he was doused with a cloud of red and blue glitter, the candidate exclaimed, "This is confetti! We just won Florida!"

Glitter-bombing has been a popular act of protest on the 2012 campaign trail among activists angry about the candidates views on gay marriage. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann have all been hit at varying points during the campaign—with Santorum hit twice in the last two weeks alone.

The protestor did not appear to shout anything at Romney.

The former Massachusetts governor acted as though nothing had happened, though he removed his jacket and his wife, Ann, dusted some of the glitter from his hair.

Taking the microphone, Romney joked about the glitter still visible in his hair, which shimmered as he moved across the stage.

"Oh I've got glitter in my hair," he said. "That's not all I've got in my hair. I glue it on every morning whether I need to or not."

But that wasn't all. Romney was doused by glitter again as he shook hands along the rope line at the end of his event. Police were seen dragging a man away from the scene.

Romney is set to receive Secret Service protection when he arrives in Nevada.

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