Obama admits he’d like a ‘weird superpower’

President Barack Obama admitted Friday in a radio interview broadcast that he yearns for a "weird superpower"—the ability to speak any language. But flying might be cool, too.

Obama, speaking to the "Morning Mayhem" crew on 93.3 KOB FM in Albuquerque, also came out in favor of red chili over green, said the best advice he ever got was "be persistent" and revealed that he has never heard the original version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" but has watched a gone-viral video of himself performing it.

So what superpower would the most powerful man in the world like to have, one of his questioners asked, noting that parts of "The Avengers" were filmed in New Mexico.

"It's kind of a weird superpower, but if I had something that I could immediately wish for, I would love to be able to speak any language," the president said.

"Now, that's a weird superpower—it might not come in handy to rescue folks from a burning building," he added. "But I've always wished that whatever country I went to, wherever I met somebody who spoke a different language, that I could right away speak their language."

"I'm a big believer in making connections with people. But if it's like an 'Avengers' superpower, then I think the whole flying thing is pretty good," he said. "You can't beat just kinda swooping around. That looks like it'd be fun."

(Note: Speak any language? Obama wants to be Cypher? Yes, I knew that without looking. No, I didn't have much to do with girls, growing up.)

The president has mostly ducked the White House press corps since June. In recent days, he has complained that the reporters who cover him focus too much on the spectacle of politics over the substance. He made this complaint in interviews with "Entertainment Tonight" and People magazine.

But back to the KOB-FM interview:

So, Mr. President, red or green chili?

"I think you've gotta go with the classic red, although every once in a while, green is solid. But I'm just going with red on this one."

Favorite workout song?

"If I'm really trying to get my heart rate up, that 'Crazy in Love' is a pretty great song to work out to."

What about "Call Me Maybe"?

"I have to admit I've never actually heard the original version of the song," he said, adding that he has seen the video in which his speeches are spliced to make it seem like he's speaking the lyrics. "It looks like a cute pop song."

What's the best advice he's ever received?

"The best advice that I still apply as president is: Be persistent. Don't quit."

"I'm just a big believer that if you work hard at something that you will succeed. It may not always be in the ways that you expected, but if you're putting in your best, and you're getting better, and you're focused that you'll surprise yourself."