Obama campaign asks: What do we do next?

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign machine is asking supporters to weigh in on what could be one of the most important questions in politics: What do we do next?

Campaign manager Jim Messina — who recently visited the White House, and joked that his next move would be to try to become a red wine expert in Italy — sent out a survey to the operation's e-mailing list.

"Your feedback is crucial in determining how we continue to work together," he said. "Our work isn't over. We didn't do all this just to win a campaign. We have more progress to make, and there's only one way to do it: together."

The massive operation — thousands upon thousands of volunteers, "neighborhood teams," giant mailing lists, a second-to-none fundraising effort — helped give Obama two terms. After 2008, it briefly became a grassroots lobbying organization, only to revert to a presidential campaign when he launched his reelection bid. And now?

What would you choose as the top priority for this organizations in the weeks and years to come?

- Passing the President's legislative agenda

- Supporting candidates in upcoming elections

- Training a new generation of leaders and organizers

- Working on local issues that affect our communities

(Another interesting question: "Are you interested in running for elected office yourself?")