Obama campaign: Romney fundraising edge means ‘we’re in trouble’

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign warned supporters in an email plea for cash on Monday that Mitt Romney's vast fundraising edge means "we're in trouble" with scarcely three months to go before Election Day.

"We got beat three months in a row," the campaign said in the unsigned message. "If we don't step it up, we're in trouble."

The appeal came hours after the two sides released their July fundraising totals, revealing that Romney and the Republican Party scooped up $101 million against the $75 million hauled in by Obama and the Democrats.

"Can we win if we're outspent? YES, but we've got to close that gap as much as we can," the president's campaign said in the message, which painted casino mogul Sheldon Adelson as a villain to be defeated.

In one section, the message said it would take 188,679 Obama donors giving the average $53 contribution in July to equal "one Sheldon Adelson with a $10,000,000 pledge." The Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO was represented by a large red figure wearing a bow tie. In a subsequent section, the figure appears again with the message that donations to Obama mean "fighting people like this."