Was Obama illegally placed on Indiana’s 2008 Democratic primary ballot?

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may have qualified for Indiana's 2008 presidential primary ballot as a result of fake petition signatures, the South Bend Tribune reported this week, following a joint investigation by The Tribune and Howey Politics Indiana.

The former governor Joe Kernan, a Democrat, on Wednesday became one of more than 40 people to come forward to say the signatures bearing their names to place Obama or Clinton on the 2008 Democratic primary ballot were forged.

"No, not at all," Kernan told the newspaper when asked if the signature attributed to him was similar to his actual signature. "Nor does the printing look like mine."

Possibly hundreds of signatures from residents of St. Joseph County were fake, the Tribune reported Sunday. The Indiana Republican Party has called for a federal investigation into the matter and county prosecutor Michael Dvorak has launched his own investigation. The state Democratic party says they support these attempts.