Obama ‘literally’ looks to sew up the zombie vote?

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Tuesday sent supporters an email solicitation offering an unusual opportunity: Give just $3, "and you could literally have his ear at an upcoming dinner with you and a few other guests."

"Literally" have his ear at dinner? It's perfectly obvious that the campaign meant that some lucky donors would get the chance to talk to the president. But the writing evoked something a bit more dramatic: A van Gogh homage, perhaps? Or a meal featuring "fava beans and a nice chianti"? Or the Miami face-eater? That scene from "Reservoir Dogs"? "Blue Velvet"?

A number of people on Twitter have suggested that Vice President Joe Biden, whose fondness for the word "literally" is justly famous, may be writing the copy at Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago.

There's no legitimate doubt about the campaign's true meaning, especially since this is hardly the first time Team Obama has raised funds by offering supporters a chance to dine with the president. At least they aren't asking an arm and a leg.