Obama: ‘I’m skinny but I’m tough’

Put it on a bumper sticker! President Barack Obama told a crowd of supporters in Poland, Ohio, not to worry about him in the face of what he predicts will be a massive onslaught of attack ads.

"You've got these super PACs, millionaires, billionaires writing $10 million checks, just pouring, raining down on my head," he told hundreds of cheering people at Dobbins Elementary School.

"That's all right," someone shouted.

"It is all right, because I'm tough. I'm skinny but I'm tough," Obama said, drawing laughter and cheers from the crowd. "And the main reason it's going to be OK is because of you." The president's remarks encapsulated one of his campaign's core arguments: that their turnout operation—the "ground game" in political nerdspeak—will trump what they predict will be Mitt Romney's vast cash advantage.

Obama's bus tour has included stops at a diner, a fruit stand, a pasta sauce company, even a bar.

"I've been eating a lot," he said as he began his speech. "And people have been commenting I need to gain some weight."

Someone in the crowd called out a "Yeah!" that got chuckles and cheers. "Who said that?" Obama asked with a smile on his face. "You'll be happy to know that I've been eating. And in between the eating we've been talking a bit about politics."