Obama thrills teenage girls by admitting, yes, he knows Justin Bieber

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

As president of the United States, Barack Obama has appeared before his fair share of swooning crowds. But at a Virginia high school today, the president wasn't so much a celebrity because of who he is, but rather because of one of his famous friends.

"Do you know Justin Bieber?" a female student at Bluestone High School in Skipwith, Va., asked Obama, according to the White House press pool report.

"I do," the president replied, as a pack of teenage girls visibly swooned.

The two had met when the pop idol performed at last year's White House Easter Egg Roll.

Bieber, Obama said, is "a very nice young man." But, he added, "I think he's got a girlfriend."

Yet Bieber's high-profile romance with Disney star Selena Gomez wasn't what elicited the most disappointing reaction. Rather, according to the Assocated Press, it was Obama's answer to the student's follow-up question: Is Bieber short in real life?

Yes, Obama replied, an answer that prompted the girls to exchange sad looks.

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