Obama vs the fly. Call it a draw?

Three days into President Barack Obama's second term and it's clear he's not the man he was in his first term. Just ask the fly.

A pesky Musca domestica (per pooler Brian Beutler of Talking Points Memo) landed on the president's face during a press conference Thursday to announce his picks to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Obama swatted at the fly a couple of times, and the official White House transcript records, "This guy is bothering me here—(swatting at a fly.)"

The insect eventually left the commander in chief alone.

But the Obama of just a few years ago—of June 2009, to be precise—might not be impressed. That's because that Obama successfully killed a fly during an interview with CNBC, boasting, "I got the sucker."

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