Protesters removed from Obama rally in Ohio

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

CINCINNATI—At least two protesters were removed from a rally for President Barack Obama here on Sunday after they interrupted his speech by shouting from the bleachers.

A few moments into Obama's address at the University of Cincinnati basketball arena, a man seated in the upper rafters stood up and began shouting down the president about abortion while holding an upside down sign reading, "This Moral Wrong Should Never Be A Constitutional Right"

The crowd of 13,500 drowned him out with a chant of "Four more years!" and the incident forced the president to stop his speech. The man continued shouting until five police offers hauled him out of the arena. When Obama began speaking again, another man on the other side of the arena tried to shout him down again, but was quickly escorted out.

"These might have been some Tennessee Titans fans who were mad about the Bears beating them really badly today," Obama joked, before resuming his speech.

Obama's Sunday evening rally was the second-to-last time he will campaign in this state, which both he and Republican Mitt Romney view as crucial to winning the election on Tuesday.

Joining the president was musician Stevie Wonder, who entertained the crowd before Obama's speech and played a set when he finished. Between numbers, Wonder slammed Romney for comments he made last spring at a private fundraiser, specifically about how "47 percent" of the population would never support the GOP challenger.

"When I hear somebody talking about the 47 percent don't matter, that's unacceptable," Wonder said. He also discussed abortion policy: "Men are making an issue about the woman's body. The reality is, I know—and all us men in here know—that if women were taking control of our bodies making decisions, we wouldn't like that. Is this too real or can you handle it?"

With that, he and his band performed "A Time to Love."

Obama will return to the state on Monday for a final rally in Columbus.