Rep. Gutierrez rips Arizona immigration law

Mike Krumboltz
The Ticket

Justin Bieber is many things: Singer, actor ... Canadian? It's true! And Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) used the Bieb's Canadian ancestry to make a point about the controversial Arizona immigration law.

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Gutierrez, who is against the law that allows Arizona law enforcement officials to ask those deemed suspicious for proof of American citizenship, raised the point on the House floor that judging whether or not somebody is from the U.S. based on appearance is illogical and silly. And, he argues, rather difficult.

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He used Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez as examples. Gutierrez played a game called, "Pick the immigrant." With great sarcasm, he addressed the House floor.

"I'm sure Justin helped Gomez learn American customs and feel more at home in her adopted country. Oh, wait a minute, I'm sorry. Because I'm not a trained Arizona official, I somehow got that backwards. Actually, Ms. Gomez of Texas has helped Mr. Bieber of Canada learn about his adopted country. Justin, when you perform in Phoenix, remember to bring your papers."

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Gutierrez used several more examples, including Ted Koppel (born in England) and Geraldo Rivera (Brooklyn), and hoops stars Jeremy Lin (Los Angeles) and Tony Parker (Belgium). Gutierrez closed by saying, "The idea that any government official can determine who belongs in America and who doesn't simply by looking at them is completely ridiculous, unfair and un-American, and yet this absurdity is the law of Arizona."

You can watch Gutierrez's full presentation below.