Rep. Joe Walsh goes off on constituents at meeting

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh hosts a regular coffee meeting with constituents in his district, but last weekend, he may have gone a little overboard on the java.

Walsh went on a noisy tirade for several minutes when someone asked him about crony capitalism and financial regulation.

"This pisses me off!" he shouted. "Too many people don't listen!"

So go ahead, listen:

"I need more coffee!" he yells after the tirade.

Never before has one man not named Rick Santelli showed so much passion over bank regulation policy.

Walsh released a statement after the incident:

"As my constituents know, I am a very passionate person. I am passionate about our freedom, fighting for taxpayers, and standing up against big government. Constituents with opposing views have every right to argue with me, and I have every right to argue passionately for my conservative values. That's what freedom is all about. This debate is important and the fact that two people can discuss their differing opinions is what makes this country special."