Republican National Committee hosts 3-day meeting to plot future

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

The National Republican Committee begins a three-day meeting in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday to elect a chairman and plot a path for the party's future.

Mere blocks from where Democrats gathered to nominate President Barack Obama for a second term at that party's national convention in September, the 168 RNC members will gather for a series of strategy sessions and are expected to re-elect Reince Priebus as chairman.

Three months after the November election where Democrats held control of the White House and bolstered their numbers in the House and Senate, some political soul searching is expected. There will be discussions of what went wrong in 2012 and what Republicans can do better in the mid-term elections in 2014 and the next presidential contest in 2016. Working groups within the RNC are currently preparing a comprehensive report dissecting the dynamics of last year's presidential campaign, and will publish and distribute copies later this spring.

According to a tentative schedule released to reporters, RNC members will spend Wednesday behind closed doors in private budget meetings, followed by a private reception with North Carolina Gov. Pat. McCrory. On Thursday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will lead a session after a day of strategy pow-wows and state-based breakout meetings. After a morning of business meetings on Friday, RNC members will elect their chairman.

North Carolina was one of just two states that supported Obama in 2008 but swung to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012.