Rick Perry heads to S.C., talks ‘Tweeter’?

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is acting a lot like a presidential candidate these days.

The Republican confirmed plans this week to travel to the key early primary state of South Carolina Aug. 13 to address an event sponsored by conservative website RedState.com.

South Carolina just happens to be one of only four states permitted by the parties to hold early nominating contests, and Aug. 13 also happens to be the same date as the famous Ames Iowa Straw poll. That poll is a key indicator of how the presidential race is shaping up. A victory in it can be a major coup for any candidate seeking to build momentum.

But if Perry really is going to jump into the race, let's just hope he brushes up on his social media skills by then.

On Friday, Perry made a major blunder while speaking to the web-savvy conservative crowd at the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis, Minn. "You can always follow me on 'Tweeter' at, uh, GovernorPerry," he said in a video.

That's right--"Tweeter."

And he'd made the video appearance to express thanks for winning an award for his use of new media.

Perry previously stated he had no intention of running for president, but openly reversed course amid polls showing that Americans are not excited about the burgeoning Republican field. Just yesterday, his top political aide told the press the governor was "50-50" on running.

(Photo of Perry: Patrick Semansky/AP)