Rick Perry issues plan to ‘uproot’ government, make Congress part-time

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Rick Perry unveiled a plan to "dismantle" Washington during a speech to Iowa voters Tuesday in which he claimed the government simply can't be fixed, it must be "uprooted."

"Our country's foundation--the American people, the United States Constitution--there's nothing wrong with them they're still strong," Perry said during a speech delivered in Bettendorf, Iowa. "It's what the politicians and bureaucrats have built, on the backs of American taxpayers, it's gotta be replaced and rebuilt."

Perry, the governor of Texas, positioned himself as the only outsider in the 2012 presidential race and squarely took aim at Congress. He proposed turning the job of a member of Congress into a part-time gig, halving member pay and office budgets, and he threatened members with further salary reductions in the absence of a balanced federal budget by 2020.

In addition to his plans for the legislative branch, Perry's proposals include:

-Ending lifetime appointments for federal judges, and establishing eight-year terms for Supreme Court Justices.

-Eliminating the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy.

-Reforming federal regulations by auditing all regulations released since 2008.

-Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

-Criminalizing insider trading for members of Congress.

-Turning the Transportation Security Administration into a public-private partnership.

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