Romney downplays rumors of campaign drama

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

LOS ANGELES—Mitt Romney downplayed reports of squabbling among his campaign staff, insisting he has a "good team" and that reports suggesting otherwise are simply a distraction.

"I've got a terrific campaign," Romney told Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart in an interview set to air Monday. "My senior campaign people work extraordinarily well together. I work well with them. Our campaign is doing well. And frankly—these process stories take away from what's really of concern to the American people."

Romney's comments come a day after Politico published a story citing unnamed sources describing infighting and drama among the candidate's senior advisers who couldn't agree on the campaign's strategy and direction.  Much of the blame was pointed at Stuart Stevens, Romney's senior strategist, but senior Romney aides told Yahoo News Stevens' job was not in danger.