Romney lands in Vegas with Trump over his shoulder

Holly Bailey
The Ticket

LAS VEGAS—Donald Trump wasn't here to greet Mitt Romney as he touched down in Nevada ahead of a major fundraiser here tonight. But he might as well have been.

As Romney exited his campaign plane at McCarran Airport, the presumptive Republican nominee was cast against the backdrop of Trump's Boeing 757, which was parked a few hundred feet down the tarmac.

It was unclear if the shot was planned. Romney aides seemed caught off guard by the framing of the photo opportunity. Just before the candidate left the plane, a staffer tried to usher reporters closer to Romney's aircraft, which would have blocked at least part of the Trump shot.

As he walked to his waiting SUV, Romney gave no indication he was aware of Trump's jumbo jet parked nearby. He briefly joked with Eric Fehrnstrom, one of his senior advisers, before jumping into his vehicle.

Romney is set to appear with Trump and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at a $2 million fundraiser at Trump's hotel off the Las Vegas strip Tuesday night. President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has tried to link Romney with Trump's suggestions that Obama was not born in the United States. Asked Monday if he worries about being associated with Trump, Romney shrugged off the question, saying he doesn't agree with all of his supporters' views.

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