Romney, Ryan and Biden cross paths in Cleveland

·National Correspondent

CLEVELAND—Mitt Romney and Joe Biden can't stop running into each other.

For the third straight day, planes carrying the Republican presidential contender and the vice president crossed paths as the two flew around battleground states on the campaigns' last day.

Around 11:30 a.m., the Romney plane landed at the Cleveland airport, followed minutes later by Air Force Two, which parked a few hundred feet away on the tarmac. A few minutes after that, a plane carrying Romney's running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, pulled up next to Romney's plane, offering reporters a glimpse of all three planes in a single camera shot.

It was the same spot where Romney and Biden first crossed paths on Sunday as they campaigned near Cleveland. Yesterday, Biden's motorcade passed Romney's plane just after it landed in Dulles, Va. The vice president was on his way out of town after a campaign swing through Northern Virginia, while Romney had just arrived.

Asked about the latest run-in with Biden, Romney adviser Stu Stevens replied, "I thought they said it was panic that we were campaigning on Election Day."