New Romney website slams Perry as a ‘career politician’

Rick Perry's poll numbers may be sinking to new lows, but Mitt Romney still considers the Texas governor his most politically viable opponent in the Republican presidential race.

Ignoring his other rivals, Romney continues to focus his attacks exclusively on Perry. Case in point: A new website slamming Perry as a "career politician."

The site's first offering is a web ad that accuses Perry of exaggerating job growth in Texas. It features a clip of ABC's George Stephanopoulos asking Perry about numbers that show unemployment in Texas has doubled on his watch.

"Well, I disagree with those numbers," Perry replies.

The ad then shifts to a backdrop of a deserted highway, complete with a bouncing tumbleweed in the distance. A series of statistics flash on the screen, including that 1 million Texans were out of work in August—the highest number in the state in nearly 20 years.

The spot also takes a shot at Perry on immigration, citing a recent study by a group advocating immigration control that suggests illegal immigrants have filled 40 percent of new jobs in the state.

The Romney ad likens Perry to President Obama, suggesting both are ignoring "facts" about the economy.

"If Rick Perry and Barack Obama don't think there's a problem, how can they fix it?" the ad questions.

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