Twitter users quick to mock Romney’s debate sweat

Mitt Romney appeared to be sweating at times during Monday's presidential debate with President Barack Obama. And, predictably, the Republican candidate's perspiration did not go unnoticed, particularly on Twitter.

"Obama looks cool," film critic Roger Ebert tweeted. "Romney looks sweaty."

"If Romney sweats anymore I get a royalty," actor Albert Brooks wrote, a reference to his famous sweating scene in the 1987 film "Broadcast News."

"Throughout the 90-minute debate," The Hollywood Reporter noted, "the former Massachusetts governor was seen with perspiration on his face, particularly his upper lip."

Others compared the moisture to Richard Nixon's infamous sweating during his first debate with John F. Kennedy in 1960.

"He was sweating, Nixonian style," Van Jones, a former Obama White House appointee, said on CNN.

"Guys, Romney didn't have flop sweat," Twitter user Lisa McIntire countered on Monday. "He had victory shine."

Following the first presidential debate, Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul scoffed at the suggestion that the GOP hopeful had used a cheat sheet, explaining that it was merely a handkerchief to wipe away sweat.

Perhaps there was a reason for Romney's sweaty appearance. Before Monday's debate, a senior Romney aide told CNN's Jim Acosta the nominee was "feeling a little sick to his stomach."