Romney wins brief debate bounce at Intrade

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Ticket

Who says debates don't matter?

Following his performance at Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney led Rick Perry as the likeliest Republican presidential nominee at Intrade Thursday morning. According to hourly statistics charts provided by the site, Romney's probability sharply rose a half hour into the debate from 32 to 35 percent and reached a high of 37 percent before the night was over.

Meanwhile, the Texas governor had a 40 percent probability rating at 4pm ET Wednesday, but his rating dropped after midnight to around 35 percent.

Yet, in a true reflection of the rapid-fire political news cycle, Romney was back trailing the Texas governor by 1:30 pm ET Thursday with a 36.4 percent chance Perry will be the nominee and a 36.3 percent chance it will be Romney. The Freakonomics blog has a breakdown of the Intrade scoring of the wider GOP field here.