Ron Paul wins (in North Dakota fundraising effort)

Ron Paul may have narrowly lost Maine's Republican presidential caucuses to Mitt Romney, but he might have another decent chance at finally winning a state, if campaign contributions are any indication.

As USA Today first noted, Paul has outraised all of his 2012 rivals, including President Obama, in North Dakota, which is set to hold its GOP caucuses on Mar. 6, along with nine other "Super Tuesday" states.

The Texas congressman has raised roughly $40,000 in the state—about $13,000 more than Obama and more than three times as much as Newt Gingrich, who has raised just over $11,500, according to Federal Election Commission records. Romney has taken in just over $7,000 from North Dakota donors, while Rick Santorum has raised only $765.

According to FEC records, Paul's average contribution in the state was less than $400—though many of his contributors were repeat donors. They listed occupations including "farmer," "doctor," and—in the case of Bismarck resident Matt Philsburg, who contributed $500 to Paul in December, "male model."

Much of Paul's money appears to have been raised through the campaign's hugely successful, one-day "money bomb" fundraising efforts—which have brought millions of dollars in to his campaign this cycle.

North Dakota is set to award 28 delegates on Mar. 6—though, like Maine, its delegates are non-binding. While Santorum made a campaign swing through the state this week, the Paul campaign is believed to have a larger grassroots organization in the state, reflecting his campaign's effort to focus on smaller caucus states where he has the best chance of winning and racking up convention delegates.

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