Ron Paul supporter says Gingrich security officer fractured his foot

Chris Moody
Political Reporter
The Ticket

The Ron Paul supporter who had his bare foot stepped on Tuesday in Florida by one of Newt Gingrich's private security agents says a doctor has diagnosed him with a bone fracture, and that he is planning to file a lawsuit and press charges.

Eddie Dillard, 29, was holding a "Ron Paul 2012" sign behind Gingrich during a campaign stop outside a voting precinct near Orlando when the campaign's security detail told him to leave. When he refused, the agents tried to block the sign, and one stepped on his foot during the scuffle--intentionally, Dillard alleges.

The candidate was not involved in the altercation. Gingrich, who was greeting supporters in front of Dillard, was cordial with him and even addressed Dillard when he approached him.

After Gingrich departed, Dillard noticed a small bruise on his foot, and thought little of it. But later that day, he says, the swelling increased and his wife urged him to go to the hospital for an X-Ray, where a doctor informed him of a fracture. Dillard, who has health insurance, is currently wearing a medical boot. He provided his release papers from the medical facility to Yahoo News.

A spokesman for Ron Paul's campaign on Tuesday demanded an apology from Gingrich for the incident.

A Gingrich spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment from Yahoo News.

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