Ryan to Biden: ‘I know you’re under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground’


As the vice presidential debate shifted to domestic issues on Thursday night, the vice presidential candidates were asked to weigh in on Medicare.

"They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, turning Medicare into a piggybank for Obamacare," Ryan said of his assertion that seniors would lose Medicare access under the president's plan.

Biden interrupted Ryan several times, attempting to argue with his assertions. "That didn't happen. ... More people signed up for Medicare Advantage after the change," Biden said.

Ryan then addressed the first presidential debate, taking an ironic verbal shot at Biden. "I know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground," Ryan said.

"Well, don't take all the four minutes, then," Biden shot back.

For the record, however, t the time of the exchange, Biden had been speaking for over two minutes longer than Ryan in total debate time.

When it was officially Biden's turn again, he chose to address the debate cameras directly, saying that seniors are not denied choices.

"All you seniors out there, have you been denied choices?" he asked.