Scott Brown seems to hint at return to Senate

To Democrats worried that a possible secretary of state nomination for John Kerry would clear a path for Republican Scott Brown to run for his Senate seat: Keep worrying.

Brown, beaten by liberal darling Elizabeth Warren on Nov. 6, certainly seemed to hint on Wednesday that he won't be gone long—even as he gave what officially was his farewell speech.

"I rise today to give my closing floor speech for this session in the United States Senate," Brown said. This session? "Victory, and defeat, is temporary." Hmmm. "Depending on what happens, and where we go, all of us, we may obviously meet again. But I'm looking forward to continuing on with those friendships, with continuing on working with my staff." Well, then.

(h/t Bloomberg's Kate Hunter, who first drew attention to Brown's rhetoric, and later shared this blog post from that news organization.)