VIDEO: Man asks Obama to raise his taxes at town hall

Chris Moody
·Political Reporter

Following in the footsteps of billionaire investor Warren Buffet, former Google employee Doug Edwards asked President Obama to raise his taxes at a town hall meeting in California Monday.

"Would you please raise my taxes?" Edwards asked, a request that drew applause from the audience. "I would like very much to have the country to continue to invest in things like Pell Grants and infrastructure, and job training programs to make it possible for me to get to where I am. And it chills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of tax cuts that have been benefiting so many of us for so long."

Obama told Edwards, a major donor to Democrats over the past decade, that he wanted to take tax rates back to the rates in the 1990s.

"We all benefited somewhere from somebody making an investment in us," he said. "If we make those investments how do we pay for it?"

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