Wisconsin recall: Obama campaign releases new video

President Barack Obama hasn't done much to help Wisconsin's Democrats in their pitched battle to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker. But the Obama campaign on Tuesday took to Twitter to let Wisconsinites know when the polls were open and provide a primer on voter registration rules. The campaign also released a video, dubbed "It's Time Wisconsin: Own Your Vote."

"We need to get our rights back. We need to get our state back," says an activist identified onscreen only as "Laura H."

"We need you. Wisconsin needs you. We can do this," she says, appealing for volunteers to make an eleventh-hour get-out-the-vote drive. "Elect Tom Barrett." Walker does not rate an onscreen mention in the 43-second video.

"It's about looking back on June 6th and saying, 'Yeah, I did that, I did all I could,'" says Laura.