WorldNetDaily removes ‘exclusive’ label from Cain’s syndicated column

·Political Reporter

The Ticket erroneously reported Wednesday that Herman Cain, the Republican presidential candidate and Georgia businessman, had written 113 columns exclusively for WorldNetDaily, a website that publishes articles that promote the notion that President Obama was not born in the United States.

Cain actually writes a syndicated column for the North Star Writers Group that WorldNetDaily pays to publish. WorldNetDaily has branded the column as "exclusive commentary" for two years.

After receiving a email from a representative of the North Star Writers Group on Thursday morning, we learned of our mistake, changed the story and added a correction. In interviews with Cain's campaign staff and WorldNetDaily's editor during the reporting process, neither party mentioned that Cain's columns on the site were syndicated. We regret the error.

Shortly after we corrected the story and reported that WorldNetDaily had advertised Cain's columns as its own, the site removed the "exclusive" branding on Cain's column.

Below are the before and after shots of Cain's column:

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