'Catasaurus Rex,' A 21-lb Cat, Finds a Forever Home

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Pickles is not your ordinary pet. The ginormous cat measures 3 feet long and weighs in at over 20 pounds. Pickles can't exactly leap tall buildings with a single bound, but he can touch a countertop with his paws still on the floor.

"He's so big that it's kind of a workout to pick him up," Emily Zervos told Barcroft TV of the cat. The YouTube channel uploaded a story on Pickles, which has been viewed almost 400,000 times since Friday. "He really doesn't know his size at all. He thinks he's just a little kitten still."

Zervos and Andrew Milicia adopted the pet after discovering him at a Boston MSPCA shelter. Pickles had been found on the side of a road and went through two different houses before landing with Zervos and Milicia.

"Pickles is definitely a part of the family now," Zervos said. "He's our son. We love him."

Both Zervos and Milicia, who live in Boston, were students at the New England Institute of Art.

"He's actually probably bigger than a lot of small dogs," Milicia said. "He takes up a whole section of the couch, as opposed to a cat that could just sit in the corner and just be next to the arm."

The Guinness World Record for longest domestic cat is held by Stewie, a pet that measured 48.5 inches long in August of 2010. The Maine coon cat was a certified therapy animal who passed away after a battle with cancer a year ago.