120-mile Algae Bloom Seen from Space

Mia Trovato
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The Great Wall of China has company. It is a 120-mile-wide, bright green bloom that has been discovered floating in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica. It's a sea of algae, and it is visible from space. Scientists in Australia discovered the bloom in satellite photos taken more than 400 miles away. The giant growth most likely sprouted because of heavy winds during Antarctica's summer that blew snow into the water. There's a lot of iron in the snow, and the algae has thrived on it. The bloom has become a sort of cafeteria for aquatic animals such as whales, penguins, seals, and fish. But eventually it will disappear on its own and shouldn't have any negative environmental impact.


Next up, this suburban street you are seeing here just might be the most beautiful block in the world. The street is Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, and it is seen by many people around the world as the most beautiful block. Just look at it! There is literally a forest growing right down the middle of street that stretches over a quarter-mile. The trees along the street have formed a green tunnel, and the residents of the most beautiful block have fought to keep it that way. In 2005, a commercial parking garage was allowed to be built on the block, requiring some of the trees to be cut down. But tree-loving residents wouldn't have it and were able to put a stop to the plans.

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