2,000 iPhones Make for One Amazing Domino Display

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If you've ever dropped your iPhone, cracked the screen, and then realized you didn't have insurance coverage — this video might make you a little squeamish. Otherwise, the latest piece from Aatma Studio is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

The company set up 2,000 iPhones like they were dominoes. The phones were arranged to say "Happy Holidays." For the lighting, Aatma Studio used near-field communication, which allows content to be passed from one device to another.

With one push, down go the devices, one lighting up after the other. The words "Happy Holidays" stay continuously lit as "fireworks" go off above them. The clip is only 20 seconds long, but you might find yourself replaying it a few times to catch the different light patterns and watch as each iPhone falls meticulously in line.

Aatma Studio is based in San Francisco and specializes in animation and digital content. The company's portfolio includes commercial work for Lipton Brisk, Nike, and Visa.

This isn't Aatma's first attempt at using iPhones as dominoes. In April, the studio set up 10,000 devices to fall neatly in an elaborate pattern that seemed to stretch across multiple rooms and even through an elevator. That video has more than 7 million views to date.

If you have a question or two after watching the video, you're not alone. Where do you get thousands of iPhones anyways?

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