5-year-old ‘bubble boy’ asks people to wear yellow for him for one day

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5-year-old ‘bubble boy’ asks people to wear yellow for him for one day

Meet 5-year-old Seth Lane. The British boy has spent most of his life in a hospital because he was born with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, often referred to as ‘bubble boy disease.’

In a short video that’s gone viral, Seth holds up yellow note cards asking people to wear yellow — his favorite color — on March 27 to show him some support as he waits for his second bone marrow transplant.

He has asked that people take pictures of themselves decked out in yellow and post them on social media using the hashtag #wearyellowforseth.

The pictures will be hung around Seth’s hospital room so he can see that he’s not alone as he waits for and recovers from the procedure.

Seth’s parents, Leanne and Nik, wrote in their blog, “We have a map of the world in his room and will pin all the countries where people have posted a picture from. Also, we will be printing some off and putting them up in his room.”

This will be Seth’s second attempt at a bone marrow transplant — the first one failed in 2010 — and he has been waiting in the hospital since January. The procedure, if successful, is supposed to rebuild Seth’s immune system, but he will still have to spend almost a year in near-isolation.

The family was shocked by how much attention the video of Seth has received. “We never meant to start any sort of campaign and only expected friends and family to join in,” Leanne said to the Daily Mail. “I can’t believe it has taken off like this.”

“It all helps show Seth that people are thinking of him. I told him about the views, and he asked, ‘Is it more than 20?’ I said, ‘Yes, it is,’ and he said, ‘Wowee.’”