Adorable Baby Argues With Father Despite Not Using Any Words

Adorable Baby Argues With Father Despite Not Using Any Words

Some babies are just born to argue, even if they were born just 14 months ago and still do not have any words in their vocabulary.

Case in point: a new video from YouTube user Ryan Delehanty. The London native uploaded a clip last Friday of him arguing with son. Apparently the baby wants to go out on to the ledge, and his father is having none of it. Delehanty is simply trying to get some laundry done.


Of course, your guess as to why the baby is talking back to his father is as good as ours. While Delehanty's child does not seem to be speaking any particular language. He is polite enough to wait until his father is done talking before he begins to yell adorable gibberish back at him.

Clearly this kid is destined to be a great attorney.

The video is titled "You can't reason with babies" and has almost half a million views. On BuzzFeed, Delehanty wrote, "My 14 month old kid has a tendency to talk back, but he makes some good points."

Viewers on YouTube find the video hilarious. Carol Holaday commented, "This toddler has the most adorable conversation with his dad." David Hills added, "I like to think this is what it's like when Stewie is talking to people on Family Guy."

This is not the first time that the 14-month-old has starred in a YouTube video. Last December, Delehanty uploaded a video called "BABY SONGS," which is only 47 seconds long and features different clips of popular artists saying "baby" in a song. Every time the track changes, his son's outfit does as well.