All the Best News Anchor Bloopers of 2013 in One Glorious Supercut

All the Best News Anchor Bloopers of 2013 in One Glorious Supercut

With the Internet and more specifically YouTube, local news is no longer restricted just to the municipalities that it serves. It is easier than ever for someone to capture a funny clip from television and upload it online. If you’re bored on the Internet searching for these clips – rest easy. A YouTube user did the heavy lifting for you, compiling 2013’s best local news bloopers in to one 15-minute super cut.

The video begins with Kerryn Johnston, an anchor for a local TV news service in Australia. Johnston, reading off the teleprompter in Ron Burgundy-esque fashion, says, “Good evening. Tonight I’m going to sound like drunk.”

The Australian blog TV Tonight claims that the WIN News anchor was probably rehearsing, unaware that she was live. That is a theme that plays out throughout these bloopers.

You only have to wait two more clips to see the infamous F-bomb dropped by A.J. Clemente, who also didn’t know that he was on air. The West Virginia University graduate had just started as an anchor and reporter for KFYR in Bismark, N.D. It was also his first professional broadcast. Both Clemente and his co-anchor Van Tieu were without their earpieces and unaware that the news would start 30 seconds early.

Tieu has since moved to another NBC affiliate in Reno, Nev. Clemente entered a media whirlwind when his clip went viral with appearances on “The Today Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman.” After bartending in Delaware, the Bronx native reveals to a blog that he will teach a seven-week media studies class in 2014 at a private high school in New York.

Full Video (Warning: Explicit Language)

Other highlights include a section devoted entirely to awkward weather reports, clips of random people trying to steal kisses from reporters in the field, and journalists who simply become tongue tied on live TV.

Mishaps are far from exclusive to small markets. Some of the funniest moments come courtesy of newscasts in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Regardless of where the viewers are from, the super cut seems to be going over well. It has amassed 10 million views in less than a week, and that number is climbing rapidly, with no sign of slowing down in to the new year.

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