Apple’s 1987 Prediction Comes True and the Web’s Wildest iPhone Rumors

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Apple's iPhone 4S announcement yesterday had many feeling a little déjà vu. That's because the phone's new language-based voice assistant called Siri, which can converse with iPhone owners, was the apple of Apple's eye decades before yesterday's announcement. In 1987, Apple released a video showing its prediction of a voice-based personal assistant on a touchscreen computer. In the video a professor goes over his schedule with his touchscreen computer's virtual assistant. The professor's calendar says it's September 16. When he asks his virtual assistant for a research paper from five years ago, the assistant pulls up a paper from 2006. That means the 1987 video was set to take place in September 2011, just one month before Apple will actually release the same voice-based assistant technology. The eerie coincidence was not lost on social media. @TechCrunch called it "Siri-ous Mind Blowing," and @jws7 says it's a "Spooky future prediction from Apple."

But not all the predictions about the iPhone were that accurate. Most were downright wrong. The big expectation was a release of an iPhone 5 (not 4S). Many also thought Sprint would get an exclusive deal on the iPhone 5, but it got a nonexclusive deal for the iPhone 4S. Speculators also buzzed about Apple releasing a Facebook iPad app, which didn't happen either. Anonymous tips, mockups, and leaked Chinese phone cases spurred rumors about a new tapered design that would be thinner and lighter than the current model. It turns out that the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4 but weighs a little more. Rumors also swirled about multiple models of the iPhone coming out and a bigger screen. Both of those predictions fell flat. So, are you disappointed with the release of the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5? Are you going to get one? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

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