Apple Refunds $6,000 to Dad for Bill Run Up by 8-Year-Old Daughter

Apple Refunds $6,000 to Dad for Bill Run Up by 8-Year-Old Daughter

Could you ever spend $6,000 in the Apple iTunes store? If so, what would you purchase?

I couldn’t drop 80 stacks on unlocked versions of Pic Stitch, which to me makes this 8-year old girl’s feat even more impressive. According to the Mirror, the child grabbed her father’s iPad and racked up over six grand in charges by simply playing free games. If you’re foreign to the “free” iPad gaming world, there are in-game purchases that can be made throughout the duration of play.

The ability to spend that amount of money over a five-month span is one thing; remembering your father’s password after watching him enter it is completely next level. At first, Lee Neale told U.K.’s the Mirror, Apple wouldn’t budge on the bill. But, thankfully for the Somerset, U.K., native, the tech giant changed its tune. Neale told the Sun that Apple apologized for the inconvenience and agreed to refund him in full. Prior to Apple’s reprieve, Neale was planning on settling his debt by selling off personal items, including his car and the off-road bikes he and his son owned.

For Neale’s daughter, Lily, the settlement probably isn’t as exciting as winning a game of Candy Crush, but hopefully it’s an early lesson in economics for when she begins making purchases using her own Apple ID.

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