Artist’s Hyper-Realistic Paintings Look Good Enough to Eat

Have you ever seen a picture of food that looked so good that it made your mouth water? Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay has created oil paintings that you would swear are pictures of real food, but they're actually his artwork.

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Sparnaay's mega-realism art is part of the hyper-realism movement, in which artists take everyday objects and turn them into art. The 58-year-old artist said that his intention is to use trivial and mundane items and give them soul and a presence. Sparnaay has been molding his craft for 25 years, and his paintings sell for upwards of $50,000 apiece.

The super-realistic-looking portraits include a cheeseburger, a crumpled can of Coca-Cola, a fried egg, a salad, and a bottle of ketchup. Sparnaay's work is so sought-after that it is now on display internationally in New York, London, and Amsterdam.

Sparnaay said that one of his goals with his art is for people to find it accessible, recognizable, and simple. From the looks of it, that goal has now become a reality. One of the only things he'll have to worry about now is people trying to consume his art with more than just their eyes and minds.

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