Aspiring Comedian Pulls Elaborate Prank on His Public Speaking Class

When it comes to elaborate pranks, the one that 26-year-old Jose Barrientos played on his professor and classmates for an entire semester may take the cake. The aspiring comedian decided to speak in a Mexican accent during his public-speaking class and record himself during his presentations to the class. In reality, Barrientos just has an American accent.

Barrientos uploaded a video of himself carrying out his comedic experiment. At the beginning of the video, he explains his intentions during the four prepared speeches that he has to do for the class. For one assignment, when he has to present an object that describes him, Barrientos brings in a piñata. He uses the second speech to talk about his idol, so he talks about David Hasselhoff.

Barrientos talks about the history of Cinco de Mayo in his third speech. In speech four, it's time for the big reveal. Barrientos pretends to have created a new soft drink called BABG (Barrientos Accent Be Gone). He takes a sip, and magically he loses his accent, thereby letting his classmates in on his prank and revealing to them that he had been pretending all semester as a way of getting their attention. Barrientos concludes his speech with this: "We have to learn to communicate effectively, people, because if we don't, we will all be lost in translation."

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His classmates' reactions vary. Everyone he interviews after his speech seems surprised. One person emphatically asks him to stop speaking with his real way of talking because it's "freaking [her] out." People describe the prank as mind-blowing, funny, and amazing, and one person jokes that she is scared of Barrientos because he was able to pull off his prank for so long. The video was uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 20, and it has already surpassed 1.8 million views.

Barrientos, a U.S. Army veteran, said he discovered his love of comedy during his two tours of duty in Iraq. His professor for the class must have been pretty impressed with his performance, because Barrientos aced the class.

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