Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten

There's something about watching animals take care of their adorable offspring that never gets old -- even more so when the love extends across species. That's exactly what recently happened at a zoo in Israel, when a female baboon started taking care of a stray kitten that wandered into her enclosure.

The primate now watches over the little feline, inspecting it for fleas and barely letting it out of her sight. But like any relationship, it's complicated. The baboon sometimes steals the kitten's food, and according to zoo officials, the two will have to be separated if that continues.

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Commenters on YouTube have different feelings about the unlikely pair. One person wrote, "They need to remove that kitten as soon as possible. I wouldn't trust a wild animal like a baboon with anything." Others were less severe, with one person adding, "That kitten is adorable. Cross-species coexistence like this melts my heart."

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Have you ever heard of any unlikely animal pairs? My favorite is a hippo named Owen who became best friends with Mzee, a giant tortoise, in Kenya. Let us know on, and follow Trending Now on Twitter: @YahooTrending.

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