Baby Mugging: The Newest Trend Taking Over the Web

Baby Mugging: The Newest Trend Taking Over the Web

Honestly, even though my job is to follow social media trends, sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with the ever-changing world of memes. Surely by now you've heard all about everything from planking to Tebowing, and, of course, cat bearding. Well, hot off the presses, there's another new meme to try: baby mugging.

Now before you go getting all angry with me, let me explain what it is. Baby mugging participants take pictures that make it look like their babies are sticking out of a coffee mug. Obviously, the precious little tots aren't actually in coffee mugs. (First, they wouldn't fit, and second, that would just be weird.)

The new trend was the brainchild of Ilana Wiles, a mommy blogger who featured her own little one on her blog, Mommy Shorts. The optical illusion plays with depth perception.

Fans of the trend started uploading their own mug shots of their babies to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And the trend isn't only in the United States. Parents across the pond, too, have posted adorable pictures of their tiny ones seemingly tucked into very British mugs.

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