A Bartender’s Tip That You Have To See To Believe and A Teacher Eats School Lunch For A Year

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After serving a customer chips, guacamole, and a pork taco, Seattle bartender Victoria Liss was left with a less-than-generous tip. On the receipt for $28.98 the customer wrote in $0 for tip and added a message that's created an avalanche of outraged responses across social media. On the receipt the customer wrote, "P.S. You could stand to loose (sic) a few pounds." An insulted Victoria uploaded a photo of the receipt to her Facebook page and even named the customer in question (he paid with a credit card). Hundreds of people are rallying around her, calling the rude tipster the "worst customer ever" and a "soulless, miserable person." Some of the many men named Andrew Meyer on Facebook have even received scathing messages and phone calls. When liberal sex advice columnist Dan Savage caught wind of the incident, he scolded the wrong Andrew Meyer on his blog. In a case of mistaken identity, he called out an Andrew Meyer who he said worked at Microsoft. (Microsoft has since announced that it doesn't have an employee by that name.) In an interview, Liss apologized to all the "sweet Andrew Meyers of the world" who have been mistaken for the customer. The real Andrew Meyer has yet to come forward.

Remember the documentary "Supersize Me" in which a man eats McDonald's for a whole month (and gains 24 pounds)? Well a Chicago mother and teacher brought that idea to the lunch line. After being outraged by the food served in her school cafeteria, Sara Wu started a blog called Fed Up With Lunch, which she wrote under the pseudonym of Mrs. Q. For a whole year, she ate her school cafeteria lunch and documented her experience with photos of her meals. She was appalled at what she found. She ate 162 lunches that included sausage pizza, tater tots, cheeseburgers, "bageldogs," and a prepackaged peanut butter and jelly sandwich that literally made her sick. Wu finally revealed her identity to her thousands of followers with the release of her book "Fed Up With Lunch," which hits stores this week. The book launch coincides with National School Lunch Week and National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, when parents are encouraged to visit their children's cafeteria, snap a photo of their lunch, and upload it online. You can check out our Facebook page to look at lunch photos and upload your own!