Blind Golden Retriever Puppy Captures Hearts on the Web

Melissa Knowles
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Are you aware that there is an unofficial ongoing battle to be the cutest animal on the Internet? Everyone gets a vote, and certainly it seems as if everyone contributes a picture of their cuddliest, most adorable pets, or animals they encounter at the zoo. We're all familiar with Grumpy Cat and Boo. Get ready, because new competition has entered the cyberspace.

Meet Ray Charles the dog: He's a blind Golden Retriever who is stealing hearts left and right on the Web. Born in a Boston shelter last December, there was some concern that he would have trouble getting adopted, because blind dogs tend to have problems finding a suitable home. But according to his very own Facebook page, there is no reason to worry about Ray Charles. His owners, who also serve as his human interpreters, write for him on his page: "I can run and play and do everything else other dogs that can see do."

His Facebook page also contains pictures of Ray wearing silly outfits, taking baths, and playing with his older siblings. People love his personality — he already has more than 14,000 likes and counting.

Since his Facebook page began, Ray Charles has even claimed the honor of Dog of the Week from Modern Dog Magazine.

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