Botox Hoax, Kirsten Dunst’s Face Goes Viral, and a Pop Star’s B-Day

Did you hear about the pageant mom who allegedly gave Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter? The "Good Morning America" story about her was shared on Facebook more than 46,000 times! Horrified? So was I. But we can now breathe easy--it was all a hoax. The Southern California mother told TMZ that the British tabloid The Sun gave her $200 to concoct the story. Searches on Yahoo! for "botox mom" are up 400 percent since yesterday. People have taken to Twitter and Facebook to denounce the tale-telling mother. Some say they're experiencing déjà vu. The controversy brings back memories of "balloon boy," a 2009 publicity stunt where a family pretended their son was caught in a floating gas-air balloon.

Danish film director Lars Von Trier is trending in social media after joking that he was a Nazi at the Cannes Film Festival. He was at a press conference for his film "Melancholia," with actress Kirsten Dunst when he made the comment. Video of the event emerged yesterday and is spreading quickly via social media. But the buzz isn't about Von Trier--it seems people can't get enough of Dunst's squirmy reaction to Von Trier's anti-Semitic comments. Some tweets say her face is "priceless" and "says it all." Photo compilations and animated clips of the actress's facial expressions are already popping up on blogs.

Searches on Yahoo! are up for Cher on her 65th birthday today. So, who's looking up info about the music diva? Lots of men. Yahoo! data shows that men represent 65 percent of "Cher" searchers. The data also shows that she has a lot of fans in the Midwest and South. Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and Georgia are the top states searching for "Cher" on Yahoo!.

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